The Garden, Part I

The Garden, Part I

This time of year we really start to think Spring here at Bonaventura Vineyards, more specifically Spring planting and our garden. Over the years both of us have kept gardens of varying sizes so once we moved here with all this outdoor space it is not surprising that we have planted a garden that has grown in size each year. In prior years the garden has been on the north side of the barn, in a spot where we believe the prior owners had theirs years ago; this year we are planning to relocate slightly, however it will still be visible from the barn windows.

At this point in the process many of the seedlings planted over the winter months have outgrown their initial containers and have been transferred to larger containers, where they will continue to grow until we can transplant them outside. So far Chad (I can’t take any credit this year, my schedule has unfortunately prevented me from helping out) has started all of the following herbs, vegetables and flowers:


Dill, Basil, Thyme, Chives, Mint, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Catnip, and Lavender

Even our plants have a view! 3.17.19


Tomatoes (3 different varieties), Peppers and Eggplant


Poppies (Icelandic) and Hibiscus

Once we get outside there will be a lot more additions especially with vegetables and flowers, stay tuned for future updates!

If you would like to have your wedding in the barn here at Bonaventura Vineyards overlooking the view, the vineyards and our garden contact us today for a tour!

We still have 2019 availability and are actively booking for 2020. As always thank you so much for your interest in all we have “growing on” at Bonaventura Vineyards!

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