The Vineyards

We started the vineyard as soon as we moved in by planting 300 grapevines including DeChaunac, Marechal Foch, and Seyval Blanc grapevines. We added roughly 200 more by planting Leon Millot, Riesling, and Marquette grapevines the following year. We also added Vidal Blanc grapevines and have planted new vines each Spring bringing the total to over 1,000 vines on the property. Grapevines take a few years to grow & mature enough to supply the grapes for making wine. Like a good bottle of wine, you can’t rush them. Like giving a bottle of wine a proper storage place to age in, likewise can be done with a vine just starting out. Give it plenty of nutrients, water and room to grow and it will develop nicely on it’s own. We will continue to tend to the vines, giving them the best possible chance to grow and thrive and someday we will be rewarded for the time spent on them.

Upper vineyard overlooking Little Bear Pond.
Upper Vineyard Fall 2018
Winter in the vineyard.
Summer in the vines.