Vineyard Progress

Dechaunac, Marechal Foch, Seyval Blanc and Leon Millot are now all connected to trellis wire. It’s a long tedious process, digging a hole for the posts, putting up the wire, putting a pole for each individual vine to climb, then attaching the vine to the pole (I like bread ties). In all it’s probably around 350 vines that have been set up. And it only took two and a half years to get those done! No hurry though, you can’t rush wine….

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  1. Hi
    What a wonderful job you’re doing. I’m one of Herman and Julia Beerrys grandchildren
    I remember being told of them getting married and going off to Ricker hill orchards to work to earn the money to buy the farm. I have many wonderful memories of many occasions bat Grammy and grampas house.
    I would love to see your progress.
    Lois berry Hathaway

    1. So sorry for the very delayed response, I must have missed your message! We love hearing the stories about your family and the memories here! Contact us when you are in the area, if we are home happy to show you what we’ve done with the barn! Thanks so much reaching out!

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